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Introducing VENU: A simple and powerful wine list for iPad.
Introducing VENU: A simple and powerful wine list for iPad.

Designed for wine consultants and their clients, VENU is remarkably intuitive and informative.

VENU elegantly combines the simplicity of a traditional wine list with the technological edge of the iPad. Enhance your services by providing clients with an interactive wine list that can communicate the unique attributes of each of your thoughtful wine selections.

Our system encourages exploration and education through images, video and narrative. This powerful communication tool allows you to connect with each client from one easy to use platform. Create your own database and share.

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VENU features bookmarking, searching and browse features.

The VENU iPad wine list is easy to setup, cost-efficient and perfect for wine consultants and their clients.

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Cost-effective
  • Elegant & simple
  • Modern & intuitive
  • Basic inventory
  • Custom presentation
  • Encourages discovery
  • Educates & Informs
  • Customer & trending data
  • Personal Notes

We know wine and specialty foods!

VENU is a product created by Farm + Cellar. Our mission is to empower the talented people who create the food and wine we love, to share their story.

We blend professional video and media production with the latest in web and mobile technology to bring your brand to life.

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